In my model...

  • Roger Burton



Point of view:  At the time of writing this I am 58 years old--A cis-gender, white male who grew up in the US.  From my point of view, most anything I do or have done in the world can be considered produced by present day, and centuries of, systemic privilege and inequity from which I have and do benefit.  I have lived much of my adult life internationally in countries and cultures other than my own culture of origin.

Value: I cannot really speak to the value of the work.  I wrote this piece as the result of a very specific request from a friend and I feel it may have been valuable in some way in that context.  There is no attempt here to assert some generalized or authorized model or knowledge.  Whatever value this little piece may or may not have will arise between the work and the reader.  It is not for me to assert something about that.  In this way the primary value of the piece might be as a reflective surface that may help reveal, distinguish or elicit the reader’s own models of learning and coaching.

Summary: This piece is the result of a request from a friend.  We use “coaching” in conjunction with work on systems thinking, community, systems leadership, complexity and generative social fields.  It is the process by which we support individuals within their own milieu.  In a certain sense the piece is itself a kind of summary.  I have not footnoted or attributed the work since it is really not meant to be an authorized model or definitive statement in any way.