Seeing Every Star

Supporting the brilliance in all our children

  • Diane Friedlaender



Point of View

I am a white, mother of three children, and the product of a progressive elementary education. I have worked as a qualitative educational researcher for the past 25 years in the areas of equity and arts-integrated and student-centered practices in K-12 education. My experiences have shaped my worldview and deep concern with the ways our current system is damaging the humanity of all our children, particularly our most disenfranchised. My race, socio-economic status, and education have afforded me tremendous privilege and access to resources and advantage. I seek to use my privilege to shed light on what is possible and to show how we can envision a more hopeful, positive, and loving world for young people that truly nurture their spirits, hearts, and minds.

Value of Submission

The future of our planet depends upon an engaged, compassionate, brave and thoughtful citizenry. We are not currently on a trajectory to meeting those needs as far too many of our children are stuck in a broken system intended to feed our commerce-based economy rather than nurture our collective humanity. This visioning piece is designed to serve as an inspiration and call to action to do better by our children, especially those most underserved, undervalued and squashed by the inequities in our society.