Murmurations is a new journal concept , a dialectic journal, with a transparent publication process. Unlike blind review processes, the identities of the Creators, Reflectors and their comments are published "live", prior to publication at InReflection, so that others can see the contributions of the Creators and Reflectors. 

As reflectors and facilitators of change, we desire to appreciate the substance of submissions and be thought partners to the Creators in an effort to enhance the importance, relevance and readership engagement of the submission in service to our shared aims

The Reflectors are of the greatest value to the Creator when they thoughtfully reflect on the criteria [importance, relevance and readership engagement] and constructively articulate to the Creators in what ways, if needed, the artifact can be strengthened toward a recommendation for publication. Reflectors answer three questions: What did I learn from engaging this work? What questions am I left with?  What would I like to know more about?

The Reflectors' dialectic role is expected to enrich the outcome; the digital object identifier connect to the Reflections enables others to see the contributions of the Reflectors. 

Download the Reflector Guide for a more detailed information.