Murmurations is a new journal concept, a dialectic journal, with a transparent review process.

We look forward to receiving submissions aligned with the journal scope:

Importance: Important submissions advance understanding of education systems via: providing insights, and/or revealing new dilemmas, and/or creating alternative possibilities.

  • What do we now know about education that was hidden to us before?
  • What can we now do in education that was impossible before?

Relevance to Education: Relevant submissions enable the journal viewer to see the connections between the submitted work, important works of others, educational systems, and the dynamic(s) of those systems.

  • How is this connected to happenings in education?

Readership Engagement: Submissions engage broad readership when their intent is to raise awareness around issues and/or foster positive change in systems of education toward more equitable outcomes.

  • What can be done to favor more equitable outcomes in education?

Please see our Creator Guide for details on preparing your submission.

Regardless of the form, we ask that all submissions include a statement of Point of View and Value (see Creator Guide) that contextualizes the creator and the submission in systems of education. 

We welcome pre-submission inquiries from creators to determine whether or not their proposed submission would fit our dialectic journal.  The inquiry might include an outline of the proposed submission, and/or specific questions regarding the format or content of their submission.

We can only accept submissions via Web upload. Please see the Creator Guide for formatting requirements and further instructions. See our video tutorial on uploading a submission for publication.

Rationale for any out-of-scope submission will be made transparent; resubmissions that align with the scope are welcomed.