Murmurations Journal

An open source interactive journal


Murmurations, is an open source, interactive journal designed to organically alter the entrenched patterns of our educational systems by making non-traditional insights visible to the education system and disrupting some of its systemic phenomena, most notably inequity.


Murmurations seeks grounded works that inform beneficent changes in educational systems or address systemic issues in education. We accept original works that are underrepresented in academic publishing. The intent of the publication is to initiate, extend or sustain an ongoing dialogue around systemic issues in education.


Our publication process is transparent and recognizes that emergent changes arise in dynamic, open, trust-based environments.

Our Process



The Catalyst Board members hold the intent of the journal expressed in its scope: openness, recursive interaction, self-organizing toward shared goals, and honoring of diversity in all its forms.

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We use the term “creators” rather than “authors” to acknowledge that Murmurations publishes original artifacts in a variety of forms: articles, graphics, poetry, video, or other forms.

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We use the term reflectors rather than reviewers. To reflect means to think carefully and deeply, and to respond out of that careful thought.

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